May 8 • 54M

003 Eric Carriere: Writing Business, Scaling Up, and ChatGPT

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Cody A. Churchill
I (Cody Churchill) host folks to talk about business, entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development, and finance.
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Eric Carriere runs a successful marketing company serving B2B SaaS companies with content and copy. We talk about moving from solopreneur to running a team, content and copywriting, and what’s going on with the industry.

0:00 - Eric’s business TheWriteOn

2:46 - How to maintain longevity in online business, niches, networking, and referrals

14:28 - How to scale up from solopreneur to agency in content and copy

20:58 - What we would do if we could have a do-over

24:06 - The different pricing models and how to choose

28:52 - What makes a good freelance writer? What makes a good agency operator?

37:48 - ChatGPT and opportunities for new writers

43:39 - Job board websites and beginning freelancing